Step-by-step instructions on how to rank multiple applications within the same term
M-Compass permits students to open 3 applications in a single term, such as Fall 2019. This includes funding applications. If you would like to open more than the limit, contact the office that is offering the program to see if additional applications are permitted.

Some offices have policies regarding students with more than 1 application in a single term, any may consider you for only your 1st choice application. Please check the brochure page of the programs you are interested for more information.

If you've applied for more than 1 program, follow these steps to rank your choices in order of preference:
  • From User home, click on the Update ranking button:
ranking - user home before
  • Use the up and down arrows to arrange programs, then click on the Update button to save changes:
ranking - up & down
  • After saving, programs are listed in the order you've ranked them on your User home page:
ranking - after

Note: If you haven't ranked programs, they will be shown in the order that you applied, from oldest to newest.