Step-by-step instructions for using M-Compass to search and apply for programs

Go to the M-Compass website and use the side bar menus and search tiles to browse for specific programs such as: study abroad, internships, alternative breaks, research projects, and more.
how to apply - site home
Use Advanced Search to find programs by name, city or country, term, and eligible majors:
how to apply - adv search
Use Keyword search to find programs by name or phrase:
how to apply - keyword search
Map search allows you to drill down to programs taking place in a specific country:
how to apply - map search
To learn more about a program and to start an application, click to open the program brochure page. Use the scroller to view each section, such as who is eligible, program cost, and application deadlines. When a program is currently accepting applications, an 'Apply Now' button will be shown in the Overview section:
how to apply - brochure
Once you apply, M-Compass asks you to log in. Then, you are taken directly to your new application. Instructions for completing the application are shown and can be collapsed from view. Click the 'Get Started!' button to begin completing items on your application checklist:
how to apply - begin app
You can save your application and return to M-Compass later to finish and submit for review. Once all items are completed, a 'Submit your application' button is added to your checklist. Click on it to finalize your application and sent it for review:
how to apply - submit app
You won't receive an email when your application is submitted, but you will see a note on your checklist that your application is complete and has been submitted:
how to apply - app submitted
If you have questions about your application, contact the office that is offering the program. Hint: Go to the 'Contact' section of the program's brochure page:
how to apply - contact info