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  • Restrictions: UM applicants only
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IPE Program Page BannerEngineering Student Organization Travel Abroad Proposal
Maize Phase

***[COVID-19 UPDATE] Although we plan to continue running the program in the future, it will not be offered in Summer 2020 in order to comply with the University's March 11 directive.  Please check back next year.***?


The Student Organization Travel Abroad Proposal involves four steps.  To learn more about the process, a student organization representative should attend the Go Blue! Go Abroad! Workshop and review the student orgs abroad webpage.

  • Advising Session: Review plans and discuss options
  • “Maize Phase”: Purpose
  • “Blue Phase”: Logistics
  • “Wolverine Phase”: Individual Registration

The Maize Phase focuses on the purpose and anticipated impact of the travel and includes the following elements to be submitted via M-Compass by a student leader (preferably the proposed travel leader) before the established deadline.

  • International Experience Proposal
  • Student Organization Advisor Recommendation Form: Maize Phase
  • Brochure Page Information


Student organizations in the College of Engineering.