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Applicant Questions

1. How do I search and apply for programs in M-Compass?

Please use our Help for Students - Using M-Compass to Search & Apply for Programs.

2. I'm going on a program sponsored by U-M.  Do I need to register my travel through the U-M Student Travel Registry?

If you have a program application for the trip in M-Compass already, you do not need to also register through the U-M Student Travel Registry.  Your confirmed M-Compass application will serve as your travel registration.

3. I'm not going on a program sponsored by U-M.  How should I register my travel?

Please use our step-by-step instructions on using the U-M Student Travel Registry

4. I started an application or a travel registration.  How do I return to it?

Please use our step-by-step instructions on accessing applications and registration.

5. My password isn't working.  What should I do?

If you are a U-M student, you should use your uniqname and UMICH password to log in.  If you need help resetting your UMICH password, you can find that on the following sites:

If you are not a U-M student, you should log in using the email address used to create your account or application and the password you chose when setting up your account.  If your account was created for you and you did not set up a password and security questions within 3 days, your temporary password will expire.  Please email for help.

6. I submitted a questionnaire and something is wrong or missing.  What should I do?

As long as your application is not yet under review, we can "unreceive" a questionnaire, which will allow you to log back into the system, fix the error, and re-submit it.  Please contact M-Compass Technical Support at and identify the name of the questionnaire that needs to be reset.

7. Can I apply for multiple programs in the same term?

You may apply to multiple programs in the same term.  The system settings allow for up to 3 applications in a single term, but if you want to apply for more than 3 programs or scholarships during a single term, you can contact the sponsoring office and ask them to create an application on your behalf.

You can also rank programs according to your preference.  Please follow these step-by-step instructions on how to rank multiple applications within the same term. Note: Ranking is not applicable to Funding or Travel Registrations, and some offices do not use this feature in reviewing applications. If you have questions about ranking applications, please contact the program's sponsoring office.

8. Can I commit to multiple programs in the same term?

The system settings only allow applicants to commit themselves to a maximum of 2 applications in a given term.  However, if you wish to commit to 3 or more applications, an administrator can change your status on your behalf.  Please contact the office that sponsors the program or scholarship and ask them to confirm your participation on your behalf.

Recommender Questions

1. How do I submit a recommendation for a student?

Faculty or staff members who receive a M-Compass Recommendation Request should not use the M-Compass login, but should instead follow the link provided in the recommendation request email. The following steps describe how to submit an online recommendation:

  1. Open the email and click on the link provided. The M-Compass Online Recommendation Submission window will open.
  2. Enter the Recommendation ID and Applicant last name (provided within the email) when prompted, then click Validate.
  3. Answer the questions, then click Submit to send the recommendation back to M-Compass.

Note: Each recommendation request has a unique ID. You may wish to copy the Recommendation ID to the clipboard, then paste into M-Compass when prompted.